About the Charity


At Social Justice Learning Institute we are dedicated to improving the education, health and well-being of youth and communities of color by empowering them to enact social change through research, training and community mobilization.

About the Creator

SOLIDARITY is a movement of artists who share the themes of hope, unity, inspiration and equality.

When our local businesses were boarded up after the death of George Floyd, it was a reaction to the reflex of protests that flared into looting and violence. A display of fear that mirrored the intense anger that overflowed from people of all color who were awakening to a 400 year nightmare.

The boards soon came down as fear and anger were mostly transformed with understanding, empathy and positive action.

The boards now represent a turning point. A moment in time that must be marked, documented and claimed as a milestone. So it is our intention to transform these pieces of wood that were stood up as a defense, into a work of art that stands in offense to the systemic inequalities and oppression that has plagued our country and people for far too long.

Each board will become part of the larger story, transformed by artists who will share their ideas and their story in the process. In return, we ask that you support the movement with donations to support Black Lives Matter.

Support SOLIDARITY here by donating to Social Justice Learning Institute, who contribute to improving Black Lives in Los Angeles.

Find Wendy Stillman's art at http://www.wendystillmanart.com/




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