Share what you're doing or creating, as you raise funds for a nonprofit you love.

Wherever you are, you can create nonprofit fundraising projects from anything you have a passion to accomplish. Your next art project, your next build, your next experiment or your next adventure.

Whatever you are doing or creating, now it can also be a way to give back, while also gaining more exposure. It’s hard to even call it volunteering. Take a look at our latest projects below. Or start a project of your own!


Join the #artforlife project – and share work you are doing during Covid19 – to help WHO & UNFoundation’s #covid19 responsefund

Watch Dan Gardner create this mural for Dr. Robb’s event!

Welcome 2022 with a look back at the ART of GIVING! #2020villageart

30-Day Sliff Surf Challenge for
the Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation

Morgan Sliff has surfed over 1500 days straight! She asked fellow surfers around the world to take on this challenge and ride 30 consecutive days for a great cause – the Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation.

Donations to JMMF help them to use Ocean Therapy to increase perceived self-efficacy in individuals with physical and developmental disabilities through surfing. The program can be a one-time activity or ideally an ongoing program where growth and healing can be seen and measured.

RESIN WAVES by Kerry Stitt for Heal The Bay

Kerry is sharing the creation of this resin piece to help support Heal the Bay. Follow along and see how it’s done, and if you like what she is doing, please support Heal the Bay with a donation. If you can’t donate, please comment and share so we reach more people. Thank you!


The South Bay Artist collective is partnering with the Friendship Foundation to bring creativity and art workshops to the students each week. Watch their first painting workshop and donate to help keep this program going!

Here’s more about funddeed


How does funddeed work for creators?

Step 1: Choose your project – any creative project you want to complete. Maybe creating art, building something, traveling or completing your bucket list. Then choose a nonprofit you want to help support.

Step 2: Register on funddeed and click “Create A Project”. The project form captures all the information, and you can save it and come back. Once you have the project ready, you’ll submit it. We’ll review and make it live.

Step 3: Launch your project – usually with an intro video that shows people what you plan to do and why you are doing it. As you progress with your project, add updates to share your experience and your story – and keep people returning to see what’s next.

Step 4: Bring your social circles along – and show them what you’re doing. Invite them to help raise awareness and funds for your chosen nonprofit. Give them rewards for their support. Through the updates you create interest as you present the full story of your project from beginning to completion.

Step 5: Connect with the cause – you are creating cause-marketing content that helps you spread the word about what you do, and it’s also powerful content the can raise more awareness about the nonprofits cause. Use it to help grow your audience, and likewise the nonprofit can use it to grow their audience too.

As your project unfolds, both funddeed and your chosen nonprofit will add to the social amplification of the project, making new fans and followers aware of your work, bringing donations, awareness and followers to the nonprofit, and inspiring more great projects on funddeed.

Not bad for just doing what you do.



How does funddeed work for nonprofits?

Step 1: Start creative projects of your own, or reach out to your audience and invite them to start their own funddeed projects benefiting your nonprofit. They might be creating art, building something, traveling or discovering something new.

Step 2: Create Projects – creators will add video and updates about their experience and their story. The project and the content becomes part of your nonprofit’s story. They are creating cause-marketing content that will help them promote themselves, while also raising awareness of your nonprofit.

Step 3: Social Amplification – project creators share and bring their social circles along, and help raise awareness and funds while they educate and entertain. Your nonprofit shares the projects and updates with your audience and helps spread these creative stories. Funddeed adds to the social amplification of projects too, helping continually build new fans and followers.

Step 4: Measure the results – each project created for your nonprofit can raise thousands of dollars. That’s great, but what’s better is that each project will tell your story from someone else’s point of view. It will have content that you could never dream of creating for your self. And it will continue engaging, entertaining and creating fans along the way.

Not bad for just spreading the word.



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