5 cause-marketing tips to help artists gain more exposure

The art world can seem pretty intimidating, even for experienced artists. And getting exposure requires finding opportunities beyond the galleries, exhibits and museums. And reaching people beyond the art circles.

Most peoples experience with art begin with school art classes, and end with the art history 101 class you took in college to fill the elective slot. Beyond that, it’s museums and galleries – which can be pretty intimidating on their own. Especially for people interested in art, but who don’t know a lot about it.

My issue with museums and galleries is that you seldom see art being created. Instead, we walk around and look at finished piece after finished piece. And I think most people that love (or even like) the art they see, keep asking the same question over and over – “how did they do that?”

Along with the next inevitable question, “And, why did they do that?”

What’s often missing for the viewers of art, and artists, is the motivation, and the process. Sharing the motivation and process does more than answer the viewers questions, it engages them on deeper levels and invests them in the art in ways that simply viewing the work will never do.

With that in mind, here are five tips for artists to utilize cause-marketing to create even deeper connections and new audiences through the sharing of motivations and process of their craft.

  1. Donate or Volunteer your talents – check with nonprofits that you like to see if they have opportunities for artists to demonstrate or show their work. Donating artwork for charity auctions can also be beneficial, but be aware of all the conditions and requirements. Many local communities are adding art installations, exhibits or using murals to enhance their neighborhoods and common areas. Check with the Chamber of Commerce or local community groups to see what opportunities they may have to exhibit or create art for public spaces.
  2. Teach or start an art class -share your talents by volunteering to teach art sessions at local schools, museums and community events. Sometimes they even pay, but regardless of pay it is an opportunity to share your knowledge, but also a great reason to get additional PR and promotion of your work. Or start a regular art class that can introduce more people to they joy of creating art.
  3. Create a personal or group fundraiser – announce a charity drive once or twice a year. It gives people the opportunity to become involved in a good cause, and it’s also good PR for you.
  4. Make a special piece for a good cause – choose a nonprofit you have a deep connection to and create a special piece that could be used to promote the cause or might be auctioned for a special event. Connect with the nonprofit so that they help promote and bring awareness to your efforts. And the piece can be used as further promotion if you offer it for auction or donate it for permanent placement in a public place.
  5. Do a “featured” series or piece on an important figure or awareness day -tie your work into current or historical events that have significance that can bring added attention and coverage to you and the subject you choose. Take a look at the international awareness days or check the birthdays of important figures. Then plan ahead to create a piece that can be promoted as part of the larger event.

These are just a few ideas that can help artists build their audience, raise awareness and garner attention that would otherwise be difficult without a related and relevant cause to help carry the message wider and further.

At funddeed, we provide an innovative way to further expose artists and their art to wider audiences by connecting them to great causes (nonprofits) that provide additional marketing and outreach to larger audiences, while the cause-centered projects also give artists a more meaningful reason to self-promote what they are doing. Whether you do it on funddeed or on your own, creating something with a cause in mind allows you to promote your work and the cause at the same time.

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