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How is FundDeed different from other fundraising sites?

funddeed is a little like Kickstarter.com, but Kickstarter doesn’t raise money for nonprofits. We’re a bit like gofundme.com, but gofundme focuses on personal fundraisers and doesn’t have deep engaging content.

At funddeed, the focus is on the creative achievements of people who are volunteering and doing something cool to benefit the charity they love. The cool thing they are doing could be artistic or scientific, it could be complex or simple, it could last a week, a month or a year. Whatever they do, it will result in something being created, and the story of that creative endeavor is what engages our visitors.

Most charity fundraising sites provide a profile page for the user and a request for support, with a description of the charity that will benefit. The next page on the site is another profile page and another charity description. And so on. Once visitors have donated once, there’s not much new content to bring them back or keep them interested.

At funddeed, visitors return again and again. They come back to see updates on great projects, and to see how the stories are unfolding. And for every visitor, there is an endless source of new heart-centered stories to discover. That increases sharing and repeat visits exponentially, for every project on the site.

funddeed wants project owners who will take their supporters on a journey through their project. Showing them the details and the work that goes into it. funddeed projects (like stories) teach and communicate lessons that are intrinsically tied to the cause they support.

Can I create a project on funddeed to raise money for myself or someone else?

No. Every project on funddeed is raising money for a specific 501c3 charity. None of the money raised goes directly to the project creator, but instead goes directly to the non-profit that the project creator selects to benefit. If you want to raise money for yourself or someone else, we recommend Kickstarter, Crowdrise or GoFundMe.

How does the money raised get to the charity I choose in my project?

funddeed has partnered with Make My Donation, Inc., a Not for Profit 501(c)(3) Corporation, to assure all donations are processed and handled properly, and that all distributions of donated funds are received by the respective charity. Both the donor and project creator receive emails when the donation transaction is completed. The donor will receive a receipt of their donation to the respective charity. Find out more about Make My Donation and their terms of use.

How do I find out if a nonprofit is in your database?

Our partner OrgHunter.org, manages the nonprofit database used on our site. The database includes all registered 501c3 U.S. Nonprofits, and you can check that any nonprofit is in the database here.

Are the donations made to projects tax-deductible?

Yes. Each donation made by an individual to any project’s chosen charity is tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. A fee of .10 percent of each donation is collected by funddeed for administration of the platform. An additional .029 percent (+$.30 per transaction) is collected by Stripe for payment processing and .035 percent is collected by Make My Donation, Inc., for distribution of funds to non-profits. An email receipt is sent to each donor for tax purposes.

Why does funddeed receive .10 percent from donations?

funddeed is a for-profit, social enterprise that provides this platform and business model to increase fundraising for nonprofit organizations with no up-front cost to them. Without the funddeed platform, these fundraising projects would not be available, and the multiplying of funds would not happen. We believe our fees are on par with other nonprofit crowdfunding platforms, and represent a reasonable profit for the added funding the non-profits receive, as well as the value to the project creators, for the wider promotion and increased engagement of a caring audience. funddeed will use this income to operate the company and improve the user experience, and will also commit part of our profits toward additional charitable donations.

Do I have to create something finite or material from my project? 

Projects don’t have to result in an artifact or a material creation, but should involve sharing the “doing” of something that has a concrete outcome. Digging a ditch has a clear outcome, but no real artifact. That’s ok – digging a ditch could still be a good project that has a beginning and an end and can be shared in step-by-step updates that can be interesting to visitors. And if you do create an artifact, it’s yours to do with what you want. But creating an artifact from your project can open up additional possibilities. If it’s something with many artifacts, then those can be rewards for donors who give at a certain level. An artifact might be auctioned for additional funds for the charity. Or it might be used to promote your project, and gain additional donations at the end of the project.

Do I give up any copyright or ownership of the project assets or any artifacts created as part of my project?

No. The owner of the project maintains any copyright and ownership of original material and creations. funddeed has the right to use your material and creations (including all the content you post on funddeed) for promotional and marketing purposes. We do not allow project owners to include in projects, any previously copyrighted material or any content that they do not personally own. We also do not allow any content that we feel is inappropriate or unlawful. 

For help or support with the funddeed site, first check the user forum to see if your question has already been answered. Or submit your issue and we’ll respond as soon as possible, and always within 24 hours.


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