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Getting started with your project on funddeed is really easy. But before you start filling out the new project form, it’s really helpful to give some thought first to what great nonprofit you will benefit, and what you will create that can tie-in to that nonprofit.

Basically, you are volunteering for your favorite charity. Your good deed is using your talents and skills to make something interesting that is related to the cause, so visitors will find it inspiring and interesting enough to donate to the cause and learn more about you, the creator of the project. What you create is yours to keep, sell or donate – but it is the content you post and share here that makes your funddeed project come to life. 

First you’ll need to be registered on funddeed to create a project, so click the “Register” link at the top right above the menu. Once you’re logged in you can start a new  project, just click “Start a Project” and you will see the form needed to get your project underway. If you need help filling out the form, check out these resources:



Each project you create has four main pieces on the website.

  1. Your project page – which is automatically created when you start a project – with all the pertinent details about you (the project creator), your goal, and the non-profit you are supporting. Think about how you want to introduce and tell people about your project. Make it something personal that shows your passion and commitment to helping others.
  2. An intro video – like a video from your phone – that overviews the project and explains what charity will benefit and why the project is important to you. You will have to create the videos yourself and upload it to vimeo or youtube – but it’s not that hard! If you need help, contact us at support@funddeed.com and we will assist you.
  3. Reward levels – for those donating to your project’s chosen charity. People love rewards and projects do best when thoughtful rewards are included to encourage support. It can be a simple thank you or a gift that reminds them of you and the cause you are helping support.
  4. Updates! What makes funddeed fun are the project updates and posts that show the progress of your project so visitors and donors have reasons to return to see what you are doing or how you did it.

Go ahead and get started by registering now. If you want more details, let’s dive a little deeper.

YOUR PROJECT PAGE (example here)

Each project you create automatically generates a project page. This is where all visitors will find the detailed information about your project, your lastest updates, the charity your project supports, the status of funds raised, and call to action button to support the project and make a donation.

When you start a project, the form will include information about the creator of the project, and information about the project itself. The field titled “Project Short Description” is like a headline – make that as short and sweet as possible. This headline is what grabs visitors attention, and if you can mention the charity you’ll support, that’s even better.

If you need help with the project form, see the links above to the help page and video for the Start Project Overview.


If you can, make a short video to introduce yourself and the project you are planning. You don’t have to do an intro video, but research suggests it’s helpful in successfully reaching your goal. Intro videos are just that, introductions. They don’t have to be big productions. In fact, very basic videos with personal messages work well to entice visitors deeper into your project. FundDeed is not like Kickstarter, where the intro video is the big sell. Here, your updates and blog-like posts are the meat of the site, and it’s those updates that visitors will be returning again and again to see.

If you do want to have a nicer looking video, you can do great things with the iMovie app and Magisto is great for movie-making.


Reward levels allow project owners to set-up rewards or gifts for donations of certain sizes. The rewards are not mandatory and you can set-up your project to have only one level that allows supporters to give whatever amount they choose. But again, research has shown that rewards increase donations and also make your project more engaging as the rewards create a follow-up and reminder for supporters.

Some project owners work with the non-profit they are supporting to get branded or tie-in rewards that can extend the non-profits awareness.


Your updates to your project are the meat and potatoes of our platform. FundDeed projects are about showing and sharing the process of your project, not just the end results. The best projects provide a starting point with their intro video, and then connect a narrative story with regular updates that engage visitors from day 1 to the finish of your project. You can add updates everyday or every week. It really depends on your project, your goal and how involved your updates need to be. Your updates can be text only, or they can include images, video or html.


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