How funddeed Works.

Projects on funddeed are created by volunteers who want to raise funds for a charity or nonprofit. Similar to a charity walkathon, volunteers register and solicit donations as they complete their event – in this case, it’s an artistic project that they complete. So instead of taking a walk, run or bike, your projects on funddeed can be any creative endeavor you are passionate about. The donations you raise on funddeed go to your selected charity.

To get started, here are the steps:

Step 1: Decide what nonprofit you want to help support. Join/register on funddeed and start your creative project, doing whatever it is that you do. You might be creating art, building something, traveling or discovering something new.

Step 2: Share your experience and your story – which becomes part of the nonprofits story. Bring your social circles along, and help raise awareness and funds for your chosen nonprofit.

Step 3: In the process of sharing your achievements and adventures, you are creating cause-marketing content that helps you spread the word without beating your own drum.

Step 4: Both funddeed and the chosen nonprofit add to the social amplification of the project, making new fans and followers aware of your work.


We invite artists, designers, filmmakers, musicians, journalists, builders, scientists, inventors, explorers… in any form, around the world, and to raise funds to benefit any U.S. registered non-profit. Here you’ll share your heart-centered projects in words, pictures, video and conversations. Bring your friends and family to support you while thousands of other amazing people do the same, and everyone’s networks expand exponentially as the generosity does too.

Potential project owners submit their project ideas and the non-profit they want to assist. Once the project is started, donations are collected online where project status is constantly being updated. Sponsors donate through a secure payment system (Make My Donation). Throughout the project, donations (minus fees) are transferred to the non-profit registered with the project.

funddeed is a for-profit social enterprise. As a social enterprise, we strive to uphold the three bedrock principles of charities law, to respect the intent of the donor, protect charitable assets, and be transparent. As a for-profit, we strive to make a modest profit and do something good with it.

Fees are only deducted when donations are made. Our fees on donations total .164 percent of donation totals. Funddeed receives .10 percent for supporting and marketing the platform, Make My Donation receives .035 percent for donation processing and disbursement, and Stripe receives .029 percent (+$.30 per transaction) for credit card processing, for a total of .164 percent.

We believe this is a modest fee for the increased funding that requires no up-front costs to nonprofits, and provides a platform for creative individuals to promote their abilities and showcase their work and creative process. Achieving mutual benefit for all is a goal we believe in and is the foundation of the funddeed platform.

If you would like to help support funddeed directly, you can become a funddeed patron by visiting this page:


If you need help starting a new project, try these resources:




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