Funddeed is an artist-focused platform where creators share their passion while helping great causes fund their important works.

How can funddeed help your nonprofit?

  • Provides a new fundraising channel that was previously untapped

  • Delivers unrestricted funds with no spend and minimal effort

  • Engages and mobilizes donors, supporters and volunteers with fresh content

  • Extends the reach and exposure of your organization to broader audiences

  • Gets more people involved and empowered to help your cause


How does it work? Well in the same way a 5K Walk/Run gets each volunteer to raise more donations, on funddeed, volunteers plan a creative project to complete, they set-up their project on funddeed and select the non-profit to benefit. Then they use their social channels to promote the project to their friends, family and connections to build support and increase donations. Funddeed lets your volunteers fundraise their own way, doing something they are excited and passionate about doing. This makes them more engaged and more likely to succeed.

One volunteer can raise an average of over $2500 for your nonprofit?

Imagine what could be raised if you can motivate 10 supporters. Or 100 supporters! If you can motivate 100 supporters to complete a funddeed project this year:

100 project owners average 200 FB followers each* = 20,000 total followers
100 projects post 5 video updates each = 500 total video updates
5% of the 20,000 followers will view each video* = 1,000 views x 5 updates = 5000 total video views
50% of those who view fundraising videos donate* = 2,500 donations
The average individual online donation is $110* x 2,500 = $275,000
*indicates industry averages (see references below)

So 100 projects could generate $275,000 or more!**  Even a fraction of that could make a big difference.

Need more reasons to get started?

  • No other nonprofit crowdfunding platform has such entertaining and educational content

  • No single nonprofit or platform can bring together this all-nonprofits destination

  • It’s simple to get started, just register and start working on a new project to submit

  • All donations and receipting are handled by funddeed and PandaPay

  • There are no upfront costs for you or your chosen non-profit.

Funddeed is different than other crowdfunding sites. The projects are personal achievements and artistic endeavors. Stories that unfurl before our eyes and provide the kind of heart-centered and uplifting content that audiences are craving. Content that is inherently social and will be shared widely by project owners, nonprofits and the funddeed marketing team.

To make the most of this opportunity you’ll want reach out to your supporters and followers and tell them about funddeed. Let them know there’s now a place where they can share something they are excited and passionate about doing, while also fundraising for your cause. If you would like assistance with that messaging, we can help. And once projects are started for your nonprofit, you’ll have new cause-marketing content to share with your entire support base.

There are no upfront costs for your non-profit. Fees are only deducted when donations are made. Our fees total less than .14 percent of donation totals. So the non-profit receives over 86% of donations ($.86 of each $1.00 donated). Funddeed receives 10% for managing and marketing the platform, and PandaPay receives 2.9% (+$.30 per transaction) for payment processing and advised distribution to registered non-profits. Funddeed and PandaPay provide email receipts to all donors for their tax-deductible donations.

We love partnerships and collaboration, so reach out to us now and let’s schedule a call to discuss your nonprofit and how we can work together to benefit your cause.


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*Sources Referenced:
**averages are based on industry statistics, this does not guarantee your results, results will vary


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