Platform and Payment Fees

We’re a for-profit social enterprise. Which means we strive to provide social and community benefit while we maintain a for-profit business model that doesn’t require government support or public funding. Our mission is to increase support and funding for great nonprofits, while providing a platform and community that celebrates the creative achievements of talented volunteers.

Our back-end fees allow us to operate and avoid up-front fees, advertising on our site, and it also lets us to remain independent from capital investors. Overhead and operating expenses are covered by a .10 percent platform fee that is deducted from donations. Our donation processing and disbursement partner, Make My Donation, is a 501c3 donor advised fund, and receives .025 percent, and secure payment processing is done by Stripe for the standard .029 percent and $.30 per transaction. Total fees are currently .164 percent, so this means that over $.83 of each $1 goes directly to the nonprofits.

As an example, on a $100 donation – the current breakdown would be $83.30 to the 501c3 nonprofit, $10 to funddeed, $3.50 to MMD for legal disbursement of nonprofit funds, and $2.90 +.30 (one transaction) to Stripe for payment processing. And soon donors will have the option to add these fees to their donation.
Of course, there is no out-of-pocket for the nonprofit – and along with the additional unrestricted funds received, funddeed helps generate added cause-centric content, provide professional marketing and social engagement of that great content, and bring together the multiple circles of influence involved to amplify reach and exposure. We invest a great deal of effort into helping projects be successful, and keep the effort required by the nonprofit to a minimum.

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