Adding color and final versions – update 3

Once we got it all on the computer and outlined everything, there were some adjustments to make with kerning and spacing, then we made decisions on the position of the jumper. Enough gap to feel the jump is not easy, but not so far that the assumption is failure! We ended up with three variations of the logo for flexibility and use in social settings as well as traditional layouts.

And as mentioned in the last post, the final version of the logo was then again imported to illustrator where final outlined versions of the logo were saved. The illustrator logos are not dependent on resolution, since they are made of vector outlines that use math to scale to any size without degradation. But as is often the case, logos displayed online or in print must be saved as a rastered image where resolution does determine the size and quality of the image. So once again, the final illustrator logo is imported back to photoshop and saved at the size, resolution and format for specific needs.

Online versions of the identity are usually saved as .png or .jpeg files, at 72 dpi when 100% size. Photoshop has a handy “Save to web” cmomand

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