Amazing Jonmar Show – Pierce The Veil

Check out the opening for Jonmar’s – Pierce The Veil – at Resin Hermosa from Jan. 19-26. And see the amazing AR (augmented reality) art at www.ar.gallery

Artist Jonmar is unveiling a new art exhibit that is both awe-inspring and mind-bending. John is a world class painter, app developer, published storyteller, animator, inventor, musician, and all around modern-day Renaissance Man in the purest sense of the word. The mastery of his skillsets over decades, now culminates into the first transdimensional art exhibit ever in South Bay.

The exhibit will feature more than a dozen interactive paintings. Through augmented reality (AR), Jonmar’s mixed media paintings come to life through iphones and idevices – piercing the veil into another dimension of storytelling and stunning visual experience. Some paintings – once they are activated by your handheld device – come to life by showing you the entire painting process: watch the canvas turn blank and see every single step of the painting’s life from beginning through completion. Other paintings drop you into an immersive world, where you are literally transported to another environment when you look around the room. Other paintings go even further, and they tell original stories of wonder, wisdom, and beauty that are authored by Jonmar as well.

There are no words that we can muster to do justice to this experience. It is jaw-dropping and noteworthy, and will be on display for only a week in January.

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