Big steps

Wow Gang, a great Hodaka shed find today. I was looking for controls and found these solid aluminum bars hidden away. I’d taken them off the last project because the were way too wide. I compared them to a set of Wombat bars and the bends were almost identical but they were just 3” too wide. A little sawing and polish plus some controls I’d been saving for this kind of project and two problems solved at once. I’m happy for the day!

Yay! the new Clarke tank has arrived. It’s starting to look like a real motorcycle. Soon the mock-up stage will be done and I can move on to blasting the frame and paint. Then there’s a biggie in that I need to start on an engine. Also now with the tank on it seems to long for a custom seat rather the the stock one. One step at a time. Things seem to be flying together at an accellerated rate. This was supposed to be a long term project!

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