Custom type treatment – update 2

This second update give a little more detail about the process of executing the funddeed type treatment. We had decided on the treatment using a sketched Rockwell font, but needed to customize the sketch/scribble for the final treatment.

Using several slab serif fonts, we printed outlines of the type treatment in different sizes. Using a homemade light table, we tested markers and pens to find the right size scribble for the type. We did quite a few scribbled type treatments and then scanned those into the computer. We did the same thing with the jumping girl, and found that we needed a slightly larger scribble texture for the girl than we did for the type. So again, we did a variety and scanned them all in so we could play.

After scanning the black and white type and scribbles, we opened them in adobe photoshop and did some adjustments to get a pure black/white image. Those black/white images were then opened in adobe illustrator where they were outlined using the automatic outline tool. Now we had editable scribbles and type outlines and could begin combining all the elements. Back to photoshop, where we used the type outlines to create masks of the inside area of the type. Then we could import the different scribbles to see what worked best.

Eventually we got what we felt was the right scribble size, visible at different sizes, and balanced with the jumping girl. And as you’ll see in the next post, we explored color and added the final color to the treatment.

The final version of the logo was then again imported to illustrator where final outlined versions of the logo were saved. The illustrator logos are not dependent on resolution, since they are made of vector outlines that use math to scale to any size without degradation. But as is often the case, logos displayed online or in print must be saved as a rastered image where resolution does determine the size and quality of the image. So once again, the final illustrator logo is imported back to photoshop and saved at the size, resolution and format for specific needs.

More about the color and final formats in the next post. And please support Peace Now with a small donation to this project. Thank you.

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