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Yay! The mailman just delivered the new number plate about an hour ago and I had one set of my cut vinyl numbers left from the 94A project. Ah, looking almost ready to compete in something. Not a big step but at least I’m somewhat excited. The engine has experienced a slight delay as the rings were the wrong size for the Wiseco piston. It was a packaging error from Wiseco and is being remedied as we speak.

We’re back to the graphics and it’s about ready to go to the vinyl cutter. Notice I can now shift on both sides. I finally did get all the graphics on yesterday. The vinyl guys did a good job. Also, the seat Guy showed up and took some measurements to mock-up the saddle. I told him to be creative.

He brought over a mock-up with the stock seat pan but we both agreed it was just too fat looking with the narrow gas tank. Back to the drawing board or at least some visual prototyping. I removed the front bracket from the stock seat pan and modified it to use with the proposed aluminum pan. I’ll need to build a bracket for the back that can use the existing seat mounts on the frame. Looks like it will all work. The stock pan was about 10 inches wide and the new one will be just under 7 inches. It should be better for trials use.

I’m waiting on the seat guy to look at it and decide how much more pan he needs. It’s hard for me to visualize how he’s going to fasten the cover in that area.

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