funddeed logo concepts – update 1

For the funddeed logo, we had already gone through a pretty extensive process to get to the name. The naming process was preceded by a positioning exercise, which established the following positioning:

To: artists and creators (volunteers/nonprofits) who want to make a difference
(new name) : is the (artist’s) platform for creative crowd-fundraising projects (and promotion)
Which: engages donors through heart-centered, inspiring achievements of volunteers (they can’t find elsewhere)
So That: charities gain added funding (and support)

Using this positioning as the criteria for the name, the naming process followed, with well over 500 names generated. And after several rounds of feedback and critical review, we landed on funddeed.

Then came the funddeed visual identity, beginning with the type treatment and logo. The first step in the process is exploration. The image here shows just some of the type treatments that were quickly generated to help narrow in on the best solution. All design decisions were guided by the same positioning above, which becomes the guideline for the entire funddeed brand.

You can see that we played with type faces, weights, color and configuration. We considered all caps, initial caps and lowercase. And as we reviewed with the positioning in mind, we narrowed in on the block/slab style lettering, which felt substantial, had elements of education and institutional influence, was well supported, and allowed for a texture treatment that would add further to the artistic and creative message.

Some scribble-style fonts were found during the exploration and we liked them, but they were not usable with our type treatment, so we had to create our own type with the scribble treatment customized for our needs.

The jumping girl was added during review of the final type treatments. We discussed the need to have a human element, since all projects were created by volunteers. We needed to evoke a sense of accomplishment and forward movement. And the double “dd” in the middle of the funddeed offered a design opportunity. And so someone doodled a figure jumping from d to d, and we all kept going back to that one as a favorite. So I photographed my daughter jumping off of our porch (just one step down) and her silhouette became the jumping girl.

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