Hand Plank Update 2 – shaping

In this update, we share more about shaping our hand planks. If you’ve got basic tools, even hand tools, you can do this, it just takes a little longer. And if you have good power tools, this is a pretty simple little job.

We took our piece of pine we found and cut it in half. Then made a spade-like shape by cutting a folded piece of paper. We outlined and cut out the shape, and then used some wood rasps and files to knock down the edges and get the basic shaping done evenly. Then we pulled out the power sander to make the job easier. And finally we did some hand sanding to smooth it all out.

Next we’ll show the finishing, before we add some hardware and get to surfing!

We love the beach and ocean! Swimming, surfing and bodysurfing are the way we enjoy the water. While bodysurfing recently, we were talking about hand planks that many people use to bodysurf. The plank is worn on your hand and creates a hydroplane effect that lets you rise up out of the water and carve or trim into the wave to get longer rides.

You can buy all kinds of hand planks in surf shops and online, but it just seems like a great little project to create your own. So that’s what we are going to do for a short little funddeed project that will benefit the Surfrider Foundation.

Follow along and watch as we figure out how it’s done and share the process. Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And if you feel like it, please help support the Surfrider Foundation with a generous donation!

Thanks and enjoy!!

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