Putting it all together

Finally time to assemble the engine with a new rod, all new bearings and seals along with the new needle bearings machined in the cases. Old hat for the regulars, intimidating for the newbie. Never fear, fairly straight forward, just take your time and make sure all of the parts are in place. Don’t forget the kick starter o-ring in the case. I did make a mock run without sealer to make sure everything is rotating freely. Also oil all rubber seal lips as you would when putting any seal in. I had a set of stainless steel allen headed case screws left over from another project which made torquing a bit easier. I sure got a lot of parts off my bench!

And another cool addition from the Hodaka shed is this racing straight-cut primary drive set that I ordered for Ace 100s that were later used on the first Super Rats. One and the same with 91 prefix. They are noisier (but it’s a good noise), more efficient and stronger. All good! Slowly coming together.!

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