Shoot day 2 – Fly Bye for Heal the Bay

Our second day of shooting drone footage was great. We decided to get a morning shoot to get the early light on the pier and beach. It was a beautiful morning. Chilly, but clear and calm – so the drone tracked well with no wind. We arrived before sunrise and there was virtually no one on the beach other than some brave surfers. We got the drone dialed in and the first flight captured some surfers by the pier and some nice fly over of pier avenue.

We got a visit from the lifeguards about a half hour into shooting. They gave us the usual, “Drone’s are not allowed at the beach.” But they added that it only their role to let us know, but they were not authorized to enforce anything.” Well that kinda leaves it up to us then, so we proceeded. They were super nice and just told us to be careful and abide by all the FAA rules. We always do, so no problem.

We got some great footage, you can see some of it in the video here. We haven’t color-corrected or adjusted anything, and this is compressed from the 4k that was captured.

We have some ideas of how we’ll tie-in some local map graphics to help visitors see how convenient everything is here in Manhattan Beach. We are also planning to get some local businesses to let us feature them, so we can create a promotional spot that shows off the beach and promotes some businesses while it entertains. We’ll keep bringing updates as we get more footage and put together our demo spot.

Stay tuned and return to see our further updates. And please help us support Heal the Bay by donating here on funddeed. Thank again for your support!

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