Small Milestones

Another small milestone. The Ceriani fork stem has now been modified to fit the Hodaka fork head. I had to order a 25mm x 1.0mm die to extend the threads on the Ceriani stem. The stem also required a little lathe work to accept the Hodaka lower bearing race. The fork tubes were slightly bent and are being straightend as we speak. I still have to manufacture some handlebar hold downs and fork stops. It seems for every milestone there are new challenges.

Ah. 19” front wheel cleaned, polished and trued. Front forks in place along with refurbished brake assembly and backing plate stay built. I still have to find/make a bushing for the left side axle end to reduce the 15mm hole for the 12mm axle. Anyway a bit more progress.

Also the new K&N filter has arrived and the stainless steel toolbox has been shortened and mounted. A really nice 19 front wheel has also arrived.

What fun!

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