The Front End

Ah, rolling again, Wow, those Cerianis were a project in themselves. Thought I might show you the next challenge which is mounting the front fender. The first problem was that the fork stem was interfering with the fender. The lower tee has two holes already drilled in it. I think the fender needs more attachments than that and I didn’t want to bore a big hole in the fender to accommodate the fork stem. I shortened the stem with the Sawsall and am designing a 1/2” spacer. I also had to put some parts on to see if it was going to clear my weird exhaust. The prototype spacer is plastic and when finished will be built from aluminum and I’ll try to not make it look like a block. All sounded easy at first.

After Sawzalling off a bit more of the lower fork stem I could get by with 1/4” aluminum rather than 1/2” in the mock-up. I did get carried away with the Cool Factor but it looked a little blocky without the holes. My first brake stay was too long and while I was in the hole drilling mode I shortened and perforated it also. Front brake cable installed and routed. Plenty of fender/pipe clearance which is good. Wow, that was really fun designing and building the bracket!

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