The project is not dead, just slow

The Day One Project is not dead, just slow. I think it’s evolving into a not- too-serious trials/play bike. I was reading some Harry Taylor stuff on leveling the 24mm carb on trials applications. I did a little mock-up on this and wondering if this is still a good path to follow. Another question– I still have concerns on the post above about the use of the Webco head and high or low domed piston. It’s been a long time ago since I sold Webco heads but as I remember it they were for stock 90 and 100s with high domed pistons.

I’m getting into the mock-up phase of the Project which probably will be a Trials/Fun bike and not too extreme. I want a spark arrestor/semi quiet exhaust so I might go with a 94A exhaust. Since I have to build a new header pipe I’m considering lengthening the pipe for more low end power. The cylinder is 93 with a 939192 Exhaust joint. I might try to get Charlie R to build a kinky header pipe to gain 4-6 inches which might be a fun report in itself.

The mock up is a little crude, but this is kinda what I have in mind. This appears to be able to add 4-8 + inches for a little more low end.

My wife Eweleen is quite a fab person. I asked her about an hour ago if she could shorten this pipe. “Sure,” she said. Check it out! Actually she has taken out about the same amount as I have added to the header pipe, about 8 inches for a same overall length–Whatever that’s worth.

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