The Wonder Book Project


My name is Rafael McMaster and I run the youth program for the Southbay artist collective out of Resin art gallery in Hermosa Beach. Over the last two years our students have photographed over 38,000 photos with a focus on macro photography as a way to see the extraordinary out of the every day ordinary. We’ve handpicked 100 of these photos and made a book entitled Wonder – Through The Lens Of Youth. This is a limited-edition hardcover book who’s production will see only 300 copies. All proceeds received from this book will go towards supporting the arts here in the South Bay.

You can receive a signed book as a gift by donating to support the South Bay Artist Collective (501c3). Your donation is tax deductible and will help us continue our Youth Program for the coming year.

The Hermosa Beach Artist Collective youth program, entitled “16 Under 16” (named because all 16 of the current members are under the age of 16) – taught students to see the EXTRA in the ORDINARY, and translate the beauty of everyday life through a macro lens. The students captured the images through dSLR cameras on manual focus. The curious and explorative nature of the students evolved the program to include painting, pasting, scribbling, scrubbing, glueing, and burning – and everything in between – to create fantastic imaginationscapes through the eye of their lenses. Their resulting work is refreshing and brilliant.

The program gives them artistic tools encouraged opportunity and creative confidence. Watching these kids create has forced me to reflect on what I perceive the purpose of teaching art to be. When these kids are deep into creating, they are in a unique state the combines total attention and original thought. Effect of those two together is powerful. Through art we are helping these kids develop a creative self that provides life skill to a kid of adaptability, flexibility, creativity and vision.

To learn more about the collective and our youth program, visit hbartistscollective.org, or the Resin gallery at 618 Cypress Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

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