Things are moving along!

Ah, things are moving along on the Day One project. The long header pipe has been completed by my local and clever exhaust shop guy Rod Blackburn. It looks as though we’ve added over seven inches to the header. The cases have been sent to the machine shop to replace the bronze bushings with needle bearings. The crank is being fitted with a new rod. The Ceriani fork stem is still putting up a fight not wanting to mate with Hodaka fork head. I had to order a 25mm x 1mm die to extend the threads on the stem along with some lathe work to fit the lower Hodaka race on the stem. My next step is to port the 93 cylinder for a reed and try to locate some wheels to get this thing rolling around the shop. With winter arriving there will be more time to spend on this fun project.

And that’s the latest Day One report.

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