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Ben Shine
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On April 29-30, Kenya will host the inaugural Giants' Club Summit that will bringing together several African presidents, numerous conservation experts, eminent corporate leaders, high-profile philanthropists and Hollywood figures to work towards the goal of developing a more cohesive, continent-wide response to the poaching of elephants and the trade in illegal-wildlife trophies. Kenya will torch 120 tonnes of ivory and 1.5 tonnes of rhino horn. To mark this historic event, my tulle artwork, 'Sacred Giant', will be auctioned via Paddle 8.



  1. Update on Giant sculpture Posted on June 20, 2016 by Brand Sixty-Seven

    In the hands of Benjamin Shine, a piece of tulle isn’t just for making fancy dresses and curtains. Using nothing but an iron, The British artist turns the fabric into amazingly realistic "paintings".
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