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The Center for Disaster Philanthropy (CDP) is the only full-time national resource dedicated to helping donors maximize their impact by making more intentional disaster-related giving decisions. CDP’s goal is to transform disaster giving by providing timely and thoughtful strategies to increase donors’ impact during domestic and global disasters and humanitarian crises.

About the Creator

Artists for Austrailia
Wherever caring artists come together Created 29 Projects

We are bringing artists together here to share their tributes and creative outpouring, in exchange for awareness and support toward helping all the people affected by the bush fires in Australia. Your donations go to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy, a U.S.-based nonprofit with direct impact through their Global Recovery Fund. You can find out more about what they are doing here - https://disasterphilanthropy.org/cdp-fund/cdp-global-recovery-fund/

If you would like to contribute an art dedication, tribute or just share something you have created, DM us on IG or FB, or email us at support@funddeed.com and we will connect with you. Artists keep all their work, and simply share the videos, images and stories that make our projects engaging and entertaining while also informative and meaningful.



If you want to submit video or stories to be included in this ART FOR AUSTRALIA Project, you can provide any of the following, and send it to our email at support@funddeed.com:

• A video link or url from youtube or vimeo

• Raw video emailed from sharing service such as, wesendit.com, box.com, dropbox.com, etc.

• Images and copy/text sent as zip file, or via sharing services mentioned above

We are looking for engaging videos of artists sharing "your creative gesture or offering” - share the story of what you are working on, share your thoughts related to the fires, or do a special piece and share the progress. You keep what you create, we aren't asking for art to be donated, or auctioned, and we are not selling any art - only raising awareness through creative actions.

We will be adding new posts to the story as they come in, and the project will grow organically with the circles of all those contributing.

If you have questions you can use the funddeed site chat to the right, or email us at support@funddeed.com

ALL SUBMISSIONS CAN BE EMAILED TO - support@funddeed.com

Please add "Art for Australia" to the subject. Once we receive your submission, we will review and contact you when it is posted here on the project page updates. Thank you for your participation and support!




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