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This project will be a series of images that I take as I work and travel. As a photographer/cinematograher, I get to meet a lot of people and go to a lot of places. There are always stories in the shadows. Behind the bustling beat of the cities, streets and buildings, there are humans. All kinds of humans. But all of them human. I'm drawn to humanity. That shared sense of connection with those we hardly know. And I have a desire to create “Intimacy" that ties them together. I always try to pay respect to the person photographed; I always ask permission before photographing them. And I want the viewer to “feel” the person, and being physically close to them as well as having them participate will (Hopefully) create that. The real connecting thread is my desire to create that intimacy and have it felt by the viewer. All over the planet; the commonality of humans.

If you like my project, please donate to support my selected charity, the University of Utah's Research Foundation, whose purpose is to promote, conduct, encourage and facilitate research, development and dissemination of knowledge, and the application of knowledge in all fields of learning including, but not limited to science, technology, medicine, pharmacy, engineering, natural resources, energy, business, and education. Thank you for your support!




  1. Eye to eye – 3rd update Posted on January 25, 2018 by Dexter Missouri

    I got the honor and pleasure of assisting the Moran Eye Center Outreach team with documenting their work in places like Guatamala, Mexico, Spain and Micronesia. Moran Eye Center physicians and residents also provide charitable care at local low-income clinics. They are part of the Univesity of Utah Health Care....
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  2. A 2nd update – Oh, the places you’ll go! Posted on January 15, 2018 by Dexter Missouri

    This year has gotten off to an incredible start. And the journey continues as I've bounced across a few continents and a few thousand air miles. Say hola to Guatamala my friends. And danke to Berlin. See ya in D.C. And home again home again, home again. Well here's what....
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  3. Starting anything is the hardest part Posted on January 08, 2018 by Dexter Missouri

    Here we go. Off on a yet to be defined trip to capture some humanity, and give a little something back in the process. My day to day as a visual artist takes me to a lot of places. But every journey starts from my own front door where I....
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