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Heal the Bay is an environmental nonprofit dedicated to making the coastal waters and watersheds of Greater Los Angeles safe, healthy and clean. To fulfill our mission, we use science, education, community action, and advocacy.

About the Creator

Blakeley Hunter
Manhattan Village Mall Created 34 Projects

We are creating a coral reef tunnel made from found materials, plastic, rope, nets, rubber, wood, etc. This was inspired by the Netflix original documentary Chasing Coral, which documents the declining coral reefs and their effects on the oceans, humans and the planet.

Coral reefs are ecosystems of symbiotic creatures. They provide food and income for a billion people, add $375 billion to global economy, support 25% of ocean animals, provide new medicines and protects our coastlines.

50% of coral has died in last 30 years. 80-90% of coral in the Florida Keys is gone. And the Great Barrier Reef, the largest animal-made structure on earth, is dying at alarming rate - 29% died in 2016.

The causes of the coral dying is global warming, and humans contribute to this every day, so we are starting locally, by supporting and working with Heal the Bay, as part of the Art of Giving exhibit at the Creative Village in Manhattan Village Mall.

Our local waters should be teeming with wildlife, not trash and bacteria. Here’s how Heal the Bay is bringing the Bay back to life:

Join us in supporting Heal the Bay with a donation here - just hit the SUPPORT button to the right. Or sign-up to volunteer by visiting the Heal the Bay website. And come by the Creative Village at the Manhattan Village Mall and check out all the amazing art at the Art of Giving project from the South Bay Artist Collective.



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