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Oxfam America

Oxfam America is a global organization working to right the wrongs of poverty, hunger, and injustice. As one of 17 members of the international Oxfam confederation, we work with people in more than 90 countries to create lasting solutions. Oxfam saves lives, develops long-term solutions to poverty, and campaigns for social change.

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Me and My Best Friend
My Bedroom Created 5 Projects

Somebody asked if I regret the way my room looks now. No, I don't regret it. I love the way it looks. Secondly, the reason I didn't paint both sides is because I wanted to paint the other side using a different method, which I did in 2013 (water guns). Do I like it? Yes. Waste of money? No. People out there throwing money on drugs, and I get criticized because I spend money on a video project of me painting my room? Don't agree with me? Okay! Don't paint your room this way. And remember, it's all for a great cause!



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