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Heal the Bay is an environmental nonprofit dedicated to making the coastal waters and watersheds of Greater Los Angeles safe, healthy and clean. To fulfill our mission, we use science, education, community action, and advocacy.

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Kerry Stitt
Hermosa Beach, CA Created 20 Projects

This project is an opportunity to share my art in a way I haven't done before, and in the process, help a great organization, Heal the Bay, that does so much to improve, protect and conserve our oceans and beaches. If you can donate, please do - and if not, please just share and spread the word.

I'll be creating a three-panel resin piece that will include three waves. You can watch as I share how I work with resin and show the process of creating this art. I hope you will find it educational as well as entertaining.  Please leave comments and I will respond.

If you want to find out more about Heal the Bay, go to https://healthebay.org

To see more my work, please visit https://www.skytoseadronography.com/


Kerry Stitt, a resident of Redondo Beach, CA , has been an artist and photographer for 30 years. She has shown at galleries such as Resin Gallery in Hermosa, Quoting Artists Gallery in Beverly Hills, Sponto Gallery, Two Girls and a Dog Gallery, and many others.

Her photography has been featured in Orange Coast Magazine for Gulf Stream restaurant, as well as Corona Del Mar Plaza Magazine.

Her newest body of work is Aerial Photos and Videos. Since obtaining her FAA drone certificate in 2016 she has worked on real estate videos and was hired by The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to shoot a drone video to open up their 2017 summit. Her love of the ocean can be seen in most of her work.

Her resin artwork is inspired by her aerial photographs of the sea. She creates large resin ocean scenes and abstracts. From the drips that come off the sides of her pieces, she creates necklaces.

Find more about Kerry Stitt here:


FB page - https://www.facebook.com/skytoseadronography/

FB - @skytoseadronography

FB - @kerrystitt

IG - @kerrystitt



  1. Wave 3, almost done! Posted on September 18, 2019 by Fund Deed

    Here is the 3rd and final layer of resin, and Wave 3 added to the pieces that Kerry Stitt is creating to support Heal the Bay. The project is almost complete, but you see the entire process here at funddeed.com/kerrystitt. Don't forget the Coastal Cleanup Day with Heal the Bay....
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  2. The 2nd Wave! Posted on September 13, 2019 by Fund Deed

    I'm on to the second wave today. The first pour went well and the first wave looks great. Now I will add another layer of resin to create a 3-dimensional look and give more depth to the piece. Watch the process and keep following along to see the final wave....
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  3. It’s Time To Pour Posted on September 07, 2019 by Fund Deed

    Check it out, Kerry Stitt is creating Resin Waves to support Heal the Bay. This is her first update showing the resin pour. Watch the whole video at funddeed.com/kerrystitt. Donations help support Heal the Bay, if you can't donate please just like/share and help spread the love for art, beaches....
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  4. About to Pour! Posted on September 07, 2019 by Fund Deed

    I'm sharing the creation of this resin piece to help support Heal the Bay. Follow along and see how it's done, and if you like what I'm doing, please support Heal the Bay with a donation, and if you can't donate, please like or share so we reach more people.....
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