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South Bay Artist Collective

Our purpose is to support and serve the Hermosa Beach and South Bay visual arts community. We want to help connect the artists, audience, students, and venues in the South Bay and help contribute to a thriving art community. If you are a local artist, enthusiast, art student, retailer, or simply a lover of the arts – please reach out to us at Rafael@rafaelmcmaster.com. We’d love to hear your ideas, feedback, and embrace your participation.

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South Bay Artist Collective
618 Cypress Ave Hermosa Beach, Ca 90254 Created 14 Projects

Support the South Bay Artist Collective’s mission as a 501(c)3 non-profit is to support and grow the local visual arts community. Donate $150 and get Friends Of The Collective membership for one year, including a limited-edition "Support Local Artists" T-shirt, a limited-edition (100+ pg) Collective Annual and other special benefits throughout the year.

IN 2016 HERMOSA BEACH HAD ZERO GALLERIES. Like the butcher, banker, and locksmith, galleries are part of our civic construct. ART makes us whole. But we had no place to show or share our artwork, no local workspaces or studios to call home, and our local elementary school offered zero art classes.

In fall 2016 we founded the Hermosa Beach Artists Collective, a 501(c)3 non profit with a committed vision of building a healthy, thriving art x community.

Our Goals:
• Bring galleries back to Hermosa Beach
• Create a collective workspace for local artists to call home
• Solidify funding for art programs in our local schools

Our permanent home, RESIN, is the gallery and workshop for our 27 Collective members - all local artists and photographers. Through our fundraisers we’re ensuring the YoungAtArt program stays funded for the entire Hermosa Beach School district.

We’re reimagining the gallery experience so that its relatable to our patrons. We are exploring models that respect the financial challenges of the artist, honor the spirit of the creative, reinvest in the local art scene. and keep our artwork connected to our community and youth.

We’ve become a family and a home for a new fresh scene of local artists. Self-reliant through our patron donors, member contributions, and volunteer hours – the Collective built a gallery x workshop x creative lab for local youth. Our Youth Program of 16 Students Under the Age of 16 is at the heart of our vision. Their work embodies the authentic voice from the next generation of our local culture.



  1. Busy September at SBAC! Posted on October 03, 2018 by Fund Deed

    September was super busy with Fiesta Hermosa, INDIVISIBLE at Resin, the MetLox Outdoor Art Gallery in Manhattan Beach, along with our ongoing Youth Program. There is always amazing art on display at Resin gallery. And tons of opportunities to get involved with creating and appreciating art! Learn more at hbartistcollective.org....
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  2. INDIVISIBLE Show Posted on September 14, 2018 by Fund Deed

    This Saturday!  Closing Show 4-9pm  INDIVISIBLE Come see over 45 artistsClosing Show Saturday, September 15, 4-9pm  Check out the Beach Reporter article on the show  "That is the best art exhibit I've ever seen in South Bay" - Longtime HB resident.  Come see what all the excitement is about - the final day....
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  3. Summer Wrap-up – August Updates Posted on August 31, 2018 by Fund Deed

    Check out artist Josh Barnes sharing his vision in our latest one minute video. To see the entire artist series by filmmaker Scott McFarlane click here. Brought to you by Dr. Robb Farms The Summer has been filled with fun and colorful creations. In August, the Concrete Dreams show featured street art and murals....
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  4. Summer Updates Posted on July 30, 2018 by Fund Deed

    Hope you are having a great summer. Enjoy a new Video featuring Sabrina Armitage. Check out encaustic painter Sabrina Armitage presenting her process in this new one minute video. To see the entire artist series by filmmaker Scott McFarlane click here. Brought to you by Dr. Robb Farms   FIESTA HERMOSA  Labor Day Weekend was big....
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  5. Mystical Dancing Bull Posted on June 10, 2018 by Fund Deed

    Mystical Dancing Bull. An exploration of freedom - it honestly takes some force. Some internal pushing. Some self-courage to get to that place where the voices in my head are gone and the feeling of freedom fills my heart. No phones no emails no texts no thing but serenity and....
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  6. The point of art Posted on May 25, 2018 by Fund Deed

    WHAT’S THE POINT OF ART? I explore the purpose of creativity with director @scott_mcfarlane . I’m around youth every day in a creative state, and I’m starting to realize it’s about something bigger than making art. With original music by Aydyn, filmed at @resin_hermosa with @hermosaartistcollective #bringArtToLife #sbac #youth #inspire#program YOUTH PROGRAM - SUMMER....
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  7. What is the purpose of art? Posted on May 16, 2018 by Fund Deed

    Rafael McMaster and Scott McFarlane collaborate to answer the question "What the point of art" in a short vignette that celebrates the artwork and creative process of Rafael McMaster.
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  8. The Wonder Book Project Posted on April 27, 2018 by Fund Deed

    SEE THE WONDER PROJECT My name is Rafael McMaster and I run the youth program for the Southbay artist collective out of Resin art gallery in Hermosa Beach. Over the last two years our students have photographed over 38,000 photos with a focus on macro photography as a way to....
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    Bringing Art to Life – South Bay Artist Collective
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    Bringing Art to Life – South Bay Artist Collective


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