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Please join us at Resin Gallery (618 Cypress Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254-4644) for our 2nd annual Water & Wood exhibit. We will be featuring over 70 artists and photographers; this show is one you definitely don't want to miss! This show runs from January 20th to the 27th and we will be having opening and closing shows in addition to being open during the week. The opening show is on Saturday and we will have refreshments, food, and a raffle filled with incredible prizes from our sponsors. Please feel free to share this event with your friends and family!

More at waterandwood.co or hbartistcollective.org

Sponsors: South Bay Magazine, Liquid Oak, Hush Hush Salon, Dr. Robb Farms, Electric, Sun Bum, Stance, Sector 9, Hemlock, Creatures of Leisure, Woodsnap, Becker’s, Gerry Athas-Vazquez, RE/MAX Estate Properties, Manhattan Repro

Showing Artists:
Alex Diffin
Amelie Simmons
Amy Friedberg
Andre Snyman
Andrew Ruano
Arlo Malovani
Ashley Trejo
Astrid Francis
Audrina Honig
Austin Nunis
Ava Fielder
Bev Baigent
Blakeley Hunter
Bob Francis
Brandy Johnston
Brian Kingston
Carly Brock
Chick Bragg
Chris Taylor
Danny Gardner
Darian Reneker
David Lee
Dezcjon Lathrop
Diana Flynn
Drica Lobo
Elaine Hughes
Emily Brantley
Eric Michael
Evan Lynett
Grayson Daley
Griffin Mactavish
Ian Logan
Jack Chisholm
James Kao
Janice Nigro
Janice Schultz
Jean-Pierre Vertus
Jeff Fieger
Jeffrey Davis
John Barney
Julio Zarate
Keira Nojima
Kerry Stitt
Kevin Gilligan
Lee Tunila
Leor Alon
Madison Brooks
Maeve Birney
Malia Miller
Marisa Dirstine
Marisa Klug
Matthew Welch
Max Yasment
Melissa Knight
Michael Childs
Michael Harrington
Natalie Strong
Nicholas Kozis
Niko Pope
Patrick Shields
Paul Roustan
Radha Mehta
Rafael McMaster
Robert Hill
Robin Lebowe
Rosy Travis
Ryan Chun Grace
Sabrina Armitage
Sam Harang
Sara Carli
Sommer Mark
Sophia Aragoni
Stacy Wong
Stephanie Kohler
Stephen Schubert
Tasha McMaster
Taven Siegel
Tom Delaney
Tricia Strickfaden
Violette Alshin
Wendy Stillman



  1. Water & Wood News Posted on March 26, 2018 by Fund Deed

    Student journalist Ishiii Dy put together this short video highlight of the Water & Wood exhibit. Thanks!
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  2. Water & Wood Opening Posted on January 26, 2018 by Blakeley Hunter

    Here are a few photos from the opening night of Water & Wood, be sure to check back for more photos and make sure you don't miss out on the closing night of W&W tomorrow, Saturday the 27th from 4-9pm! All commission will be donated from Hermosa Beach schools!
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  3. Water & Wood Artwork Posted on January 25, 2018 by Blakeley Hunter

    Check out a short video featuring our artwork that is currently up in the gallery for the Water & Wood show!
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  1. […] The artists have pledged to give 100% of the gallery commissions from the closing reception to locals schools through HVPTO. If you like what the Collective is doing, and want to donate to help them stay open, visit the Funddeed.com page at https://funddeed.com/projects/water-wood-artxphoto-exhibit/. […]


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