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Art Party, Live Auction and Raffle
Sat. Nov. 10 – GET TICKETS NOW!

Our purpose is to support and serve the South Bay visual arts community.  We want to help connect the artists, audience, students, and venues in Hermosa Beach and surrounding areas to help contribute to a thriving art community.  If you are a local artist, enthusiast, art student, retailer, or simply a lover of the arts – please reach out to us at hello@HBArtistCollective.org.  We’d love to hear your ideas, feedback, and embrace your participation.

Here on funddeed, we share special projects and updates as well as our memberships and gifts available for donations. Our main project page is here where you can find most everything we are doing, and other special projects can be found below but are also linked from the updates tab on our main project page.

We hope you will support SBAC and the arts in the South Bay! Thank you.

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